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Our Story

Just over 4 years ago, we noticed there was something significantly wrong with the tent rental industry. My family and I were getting ready for my graduation party happening in May and we needed to rent a tent. We looked at many websites and called many people but stressed out on what should have been an enjoyable experience. Through all the pain of searching and talking on the phone, we got what we needed, a tent. 

By the end of our party, we found ourselves struggling to tear down the tent, which required 6 of our family members to set up. This was wrong. There must be another option in the Fort Wayne area for a tent rental service that simplified the process of renting a tent, table, and chairs. But from what we could see, there wasn't. That's when we were determined to create a place where people can go to find a simple website, click on what they desired for there party and check out for one flat fee. Also wanting to lose the stress of setting and tearing down the tent, table, and chairs we want to set up for you, for no extra cost. We wanted to change the tent rental industry in the Fort Wayne area and that's what we desire to do.            

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